Background Story

Over beers one evening, brothers-in-law, Drew and Luke discovered that they both had been making and experimenting with their own sauerkraut recipes. They each had their own affinity for fermented foods. Being a couple twenty something young professionals, the boys saw this as a unique shared hobby and a potentially delicious opportunity.

Luke’s quest for quality kraut came from a desire to reconnect with his family heritage – German and Slavic on his father’s side. He was inspired by the way his Oma made her sauerkraut.

Cravings for his hometown ethnic foods motivated Drew to make his own sausage, pierogies and sauerkraut after moving away from Cleveland after college. He started experimenting with ferments and teaching his younger brother, Mac, how to ferment while at college. Growing up running their mother’s Cleveland-based farmers markets pushed them to use the highest quality ingredients available.

After experimenting with various recipes and fermenting techniques, they realized the sauerkraut they were making was surprisingly better than the usual suspects being offered in grocery stores. Their fresh, crunchy, unpasteurized, probiotic sauerkraut, like grandma made, just wasn’t available on the market. So, they decided to create one – right where Drew & Mac grew up – and bring it to Clevelanders at the local farmers markets. It took a year of fine-tuning with the help of constant feedback from customers, chefs, friends, and family before they were ready to launch their naturally fermented sauerkrauts into retail. What better place to start then right here in Cleveland, where people know good sauerkraut?

To us, Cleveland embodies a spirit of quality, hard work, and authenticity. These are all traits that we reinforce every day when we produce our sauerkraut and run our business. Each quality ingredient is hand-picked and hand-chopped, from our cabbage to each pepper, fermented using a time-tested technique, and hand coldpacked by a Clevelander before making its way to your fridge. We proudly shout out our Cleveland roots on each pouch, knowing that we’re bringing the best-tasting and freshest ferments from right here in Cleveland to stores across the nation.

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