At Cleveland Kraut, we take pride in producing the best tasting

and crunchiest sauerkraut in the world.

Raw, unpasteurized and lacto-fermented Sauerkraut full of natural probiotics, nutrients and flavor.

Bringing Kraut to the Main Course

Cleveland Kraut uses the finest ingredients to make the best tasting sauerkraut. Our rustic cut provides a delicious crunch that is a perfect addition to any meal.

Made with love in Cleveland, Ohio

To us, Cleveland embodies a spirit of quality, hard work and authenticity. These are all traits that we reinforce every day when we produce our sauerkraut and run our business.

"Never ate kraut so fast. Absolutely delish!"


"Crispy and Fantastically fresh."


"I have been putting it on everything."


"You have ruined all other Kraut for me and I thank you for it!"


We’ve Got the Goods

Beet Red

$30 for 3

Classic CAraway

$30 for 3

Curry Kraut

$30 for 3

Gnar Gnar

$30 for 3

Roasted Garlic

$30 for 3

Whiskey Dill

$30 for 3

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How do we make our crunchy Sauerkraut?

We chop each cabbage in house with a rustic cut to lock in fresh flavor and crunch, hand chop each fresh vegetable, and mix it all together with the finest spices and kosher salt for old-world fermentation.

When each barrel of kraut is ready and well-fermented, our pouches are hand packed with care and immediately chilled before making their way to your favorite retailer, restaurant, or fridge at home! Cooling the Kraut will slow down the fermentation and

Our sauerkraut Comes in a variety Of delicious flavors.

Cleveland Kraut is a convenient way to add healthy crunch to any meal.

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