Save 10% and get the most delicious, crunchy and probiotic ferments in the nation delivered right to your door each month!

Cabbage & Cukes
Whiskey Dill
Roasted Garlic
Beet Red
Gnar Gnar
Curry Kraut
Classic Caraway
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$30.00 $27.00 / month

"Best store bought kraut I have had. I have been putting it on everything."


"Crispy and Fantastically fresh."


"You have ruined all other Kraut for me and I thank you for it!"


"This is some of the best Kraut I ever had! I eat it straight out of the jar! So crunchy! So crisp! Excellent taste! I love this stuff!"


Beet Red

$30 for 3

Classic CAraway

$30 for 3

Curry Kraut

$30 for 3

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