There are a number of dishes and drinks that characterize Cleveland’s gastronomic culture — pierogies, corned beef and craft beer among them. Sauerkraut also should be included on that list. Until recently, the fermented food was available to local shoppers only in its more conventional form. Now, future brothers-in-law Drew Anderson and Luke Visnic are turning traditional sauerkraut upside down with their new startup venture, Cleveland Kraut.

The two met when Luke began dating Drew’s sister. As the pair got to know each other, the men discovered they had something unique in common: They both enjoyed making their own sauerkraut. “One night we were hanging out, drinking some other fermented products,” says Drew. “We were sampling some of our sauerkraut and said, ‘This stuff is really good, way better than what you can find in any store.’ We started to wonder, ‘Is there a business here?'”

Cleveland Kraut can be used in many non-traditional ways too. “Part of our job is to expand the realm of what people will put sauerkraut on,” says Luke. “It’s definitely not just for pork anymore.” For instance, Sweet Red makes an excellent salad topper. Gnar Gnar can take burgers to the next level. Curry kraut and ground pork in a wonton wrapper creates a quick and delicious egg roll.

Cleveland Kraut currently can be found at North Union Farmers’ Market in Shaker Square and soon will be available at the Crocker Park location. It’s also being sold at the Cleveland Flea.



Read the full article from Beth Phillips of The Cleveland Scene.

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