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What the Kraut?!

I use Kraut (sauerkraut) (& Cleveland Kraut specifically) all the time.



  • It’s DELICIOUS! Seriously, small batch fun (naturally) flavored krauts are a tasty addition to your meals.
  • Nutrient dense! Meaning that kraut is high in vitamins & minerals (including B6, K, C & iron) and low in calories.
  • Fermented foods (like kraut) are packed with natural probiotics to help with digestion.
  • Lots of fiber to help add satiety and fullness to your meals which can aid in weight loss.
  • Probiotics can also aid in increasing immunity, the vitamin C content also helps!
  • Naturally gluten free & vegan!

Okay, you get it, kraut is a super healthful food. But knowing and consuming are two different things. I get soooo many posts from you guys saying ‘I bought some kraut after seeing it on your IG/blog!’ and that is AWESOME! Except it is almost always followed by ‘but what do I do with it…/what do I eat it with?’.  My simple answer is ‘EVERYTHING’. Seriously. But here are my top favorite things to kraut & some of my favorite recipes that include kraut.

Top 5 Kraut Uses:

  • Add it to sandwiches of any kind! Including grassfed or veggie burgers and uncured hot-dogs.
  • Toss a generous helping into any salad.
  • Scrambled Eggs. Add a big scoop before serving your eggs!
  • Add a scoop to your macro bowl for a pop of tart flavor.
  • Stuff a baked potato (or sw pt) with kraut!

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