Dean Pohlman, founder of ManFlow Yoga, discusses his preferred diet and why Cleveland Kraut is the perfect addition of tasty, probiotic-rich crunch to your everyday routine. 


The best diet is the simple diet. The three most important aspects of your health are dieting, exercise and sleep (and not particularly in that order). Even if you exercise for 2 hours a day, if you eat like crap then you will feel like crap.
I think that most people look at food as a source of entertainment, or something that needs to “taste good”. I sympathize. When I go out to dinner, I prefer to eat many small plates as opposed to a single large plate, because my goal when I go out to eat isn’t sustenance – it’s to enjoy the taste of foods that I don’t have the know-how to cook (or the time and desire to learn).
The majority of the time that I am eating, however, I tend to focus on a very simple diet. This doesn’t mean that it is bland or tasteless – it just means that it is consistent.
  1. Eggs – Scrambled eggs, avocado, spinach leaves, sweet potato, and sauerkraut from Cleveland Kraut. Some days I’ll add the leftover meat from dinner the night before or some chopped peppers, but usually it’s just the ingredients above. The kraut is seriously a game changer. It’s a healthy, delicious source of probiotics that has been an effective replacement for the hot sauce or salsa that I sometimes sneak into my scrambled eggs. Click here to check out Cleveland Kraut. Use the code “ManFlow!” for 10% off your order.
  2. Smoked Salmon Salad – smoked salmon, spinach leaves, avocado oil, avocado, a pinch of apple cider vinegar, and sweet potato. Notice the similarity between breakfast and lunch.
  3. Salmon & Steamed Vegetables – Wild Alaskan salmon, broccoli, spinach leaves, sweet potato (seriously – there is a lot of sweet potato consumption in my apartment), cooked on a pan with ghee or olive oil.
  4. Bulletproof Coffee – Bulletproof coffee everyday I can do it. Basically, I mix a combination of ghee, butter, coconut oiI, or MCT oil into my coffee – just two of them. (Sometimes I’ll even put some of these fats into a mug and then take it to the coffee place if I’m out of coffee grounds or my latest French press is broken.) I don’t always have Bulletproof coffee grounds with my bulletproof coffee, but I do notice a difference between Bulletproof coffee grounds and other coffees. Some of the “craft” coffee that I have is great, while others tend to give me a huge burst of energy followed by a monumental crash. Bulletproof provides a really nice stream of consistent energy without a crash. Click here to learn more about Bulletproof coffee.
  5. Water with Sea Salt – Maybe you’ve heard of this one before. Every morning, without fail, I drink a pint of cold water with about 1 teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt. In small amounts, the salt helps your body to better absorb the water and stay hydrated. Salt also has essential minerals that you need to survive. I know that a lot of people caution against using salt, but that’s because they’re adding a crap ton of crap-quality table salt to a preserved meal that’s already loaded with salts. If you eat a healthy diet focused on whole foods, you’ll need that salt. I get mine from Costco. It’s pretty easy to find – Himalayan Sea Salt.

If your diet isn’t simple, make it simpler. By giving yourself restrictions, you create freedom for yourself. (Wait, what?) I guess that’s a talk for another time. For now, make your diet as simple as possible. Select healthy foods and stick to them. Indulge in food on occasion, but restrict to at most once per day (or once per week, if you prefer to follow the cheat day method).

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