Michael sent the Chew crew an update on how the grand opening of his brand new restaurant, Mabel’s BBQ, is going. In short, it’s going great and they’re serving nearly 1000 people a day. Famous faces among the huge crowds include some of the biggest names in American BBQ: Mike Mills, Pat Martin, the Black’s BBQ team, Bobby Flay and more!

Michael’s new hometown restaurant features some of the best Cleveland-style BBQ around.  This unique Midwestern take on BBQ is based on incorporating Bertman’s ballpark mustard into the barbecue sauce, using Eastern European spices, and smoking meat over local fruitwood. BBQ aficionados will love the standard pit fare such as pork spare ribs and brisket but will be absolutely wowed by items you won’t find anywhere else. Before the next Cavs game at the Q, try out the Turkey Jones (Sliced Turkey Breast, Hot Greens & White Gravy on a Roll), the Mr. Beef (Chopped Brisket, Mayo, Shaved Onion & Pickles on a Roll), or the Lamb Ribs served with Cleveland Pickles, Cleveland Kraut, and White Bread. Not only is the menu packed with unforgettable food, they also have the perfect cocktail list to complement any item you order.

Mabel’s BBQ officially opened on April 11 and is located on E 4th St in Downtown Cleveland right next door to Michael’s other famous restaurant Lola Bistro. Congratulations Michael Symon!

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Photo credit www.foodandwine.com

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