We have one message to Cleveland’s culinary folks: Don’t stop pickling. Thankfully, Cleveland Kraut co-owners Drew Anderson and Luke Visnic have no plans to do so. Along with a growing farmers market presence, the pair’s kraut is cropping up at spots such as Jukebox and Sterle’s Country House. Their Roasted Garlic Kraut ($4-$13), fermenting a mix of raw and roasted garlic, green cabbage, salt and butcher’s cut black pepper over three weeks, is a must-have. After starting their sauerkraut venture at the Cleveland Culinary Launch & Kitchen last fall in small batches of 150 pounds, Anderson and Visnic are now processing more than 500 pounds of shredded cabbage a week. With a reformulated red cabbage kraut called the Beet Red (beets and carrots instead of brown sugar), Curry Kraut, a classic caraway kraut, and the ever-spicy Gnar Gnar, this fermented goodness is ready for the big time. “Routinely, we’ll take a sample, and we’ll look at each other and just go, ‘That’s some damn good kraut,’ ” says Anderson.

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