We were honored to be found at the Summer Fancy Food show by Ariel Knutson and featured as one of the 10 delicious things at the show! See below for a snippet of the story or click here for the whole krautchilada!

10 Delicious Things We Spotted at Summer Fancy Food 2017

By Ariel Knutson

Jun 28, 2017

At the 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show, there where too many delicious things to count are showcased, descended upon New York at the Javits Center. For close to five hours I walked around the show, tasted everything I possibly could, and tried to find the best trends and new products around.  After, The Kitchn made a list of the most delicious products at the show.  On the list and in the top 5 products…


5. Cabbage & Cukes from Cleveland Kraut

The first question I asked myself when I saw this product was how have I not seen this before? It’s essentially traditional sauerkraut and cucumber medallions that are fermented together. Yes, together! So smart! Not to mention it tastes pretty great, too.


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