Bringing Kraut to the Main Course

Born on a cold Cleveland night, future brother-in-laws, Drew Anderson and Luke Visnic decided that this town needed a sauerkraut it would be proud to call it’s own.

Cleveland Kraut’s got guts. It’s got heart. And it ain’t just for stuffing cabbage. It’s got a crunchy texture and tangy flavor that say, “step aside bratwurst, it’s time for sauerkraut to steal the show.” Kielbasa and pierogies were just the start and now the training wheels are off. We’re taking sauerkraut to the main course.

Cleveland Kraut uses the finest ingredients to make the best tasting sauerkraut. Our rustic cut provides a delicious crunch that is a perfect addition to any meal.

Real raw sauerkraut means our kraut is made using old world fermentation techniques that naturally create a great source of probiotics and enzymes. We keep it unpasteurized to deliver a fresh sauerkraut that even your grandma would enjoy.

The Difference in Cleveland Kraut

Sauerkraut is one of the oldest foods around. Recognized traditionally as an Eastern European food, we like the romanticized notion that it was brought there by the nomadic Mongols, who had in turn learned to eat the fermented cabbage from early Chinese cultures.

Fermented vegetables are a familiar food in most cultures. In Korea, spicy fermented cabbage is known as kimchi. In El Salvador fermented cabbage, carrots and onions make a delicious, tart coleslaw called Curtido. Kvass is a refreshing Russian drink made by fermenting water and black or rye bread. There is tremendous health benefits in fermented foods. Most are great sources of nutrients such as vitamin C, K2 and a range of B vitamins. They are also great source of priobiotics, or good bacteria. Research has shown that maintaining the right balance of stomach bacteria forms the basis for physical and mental well-being.

At Cleveland Kraut, we ferment our cabbage naturally and we keep our sauerkraut unpasteurized to maintain a healthy flora of good bacteria.